The Maintenance and Support Services

Artinity Sdn Bhd strives to provide high standard of services. We provide a comprehensive maintenance and support service to our valued customers to ensure that their systems are running at optimum level.

Following is the procedure for our standard maintenance and support plan.


STAGE 1: Problem Reporting

  • Coordinator receives Problem Report via fax/ telephone/ email from customer
  • Problem will be logged and given a log number for tracking by both parties (internal and customer)
  • Support Coordinator will escalate the logged problem to the 1st Level support engineer
  • Support coordinator will continue to monitor the logged problem until case is solved and closed


STAGE 2 : 1st Level Support

  • 1st Level support engineer will response to client within 4 (four) business hours i.e  from the time the problem is logged
  • Established remote assistance to investigate the problem
  • Representative will be sent to site if on-site assistance is required
  • In the event that the 1st level support engineer is unable to solve the problem, the problem will be escalated to Stage 3, 2nd Level Support


STAGE 3 : 2nd Level Support

  • The end Level support team comprises of engineers and consultants who are expert in their own respective fields
  • This team will take over the situation and work out a solution to the problem
  • The engineer in-charge of the problem will work with the respective parties involved to expedite the resolution to the problem
  • In the event that the problem still remains unresolved, the engineer in-charge will escalate the problem to the relevant principal for further assistance.


STAGE 4 : Principal/ External Assistance

  • At this stage, assistance from the principal or other external parties will be sought to resolve the problem
  • All efforts will be focused to this problem until case is closed.